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Pure Pilates is run by Caroline Brennan and teaches the STOTT PILATES® method. Pure Pilates offers personalised 1-2-1 Pilates Matwork and Reformer sessions for all fitness levels, privately in the studio. Each session focuses on Core Stability, Neutral Alignment and Breathing. Your body will achieve optimal musculoskeletal Performance, Strength, Flexibility and Endurance. Please get in touch for your first Pilates session.

Pure Pilates is based in the heart of Barnes village and is easily accessible from Richmond, Putney, Ham, Kingston, Mortlake, East Sheen.

Pilates enables you to get fit and toned whilst developing a strong back and preventing injuries. A great addition for people who play repetitive sport or spend a long time at the desk. Benefits of Pilates are lean & lengthened muscles, a strong & stable core, stress relief and alleviation from back pain, improved posture, improved coordination and balance, increased mind body awareness and increased self confidence.

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Please use the form above to get in touch with any queries you may have about Pilates. Alternatively call Caroline on 07906 216 439.

A bespoke programme will be designed specifically for you according to your posture type, muscular strengths and weaknesses. The natural curves of the spine will be restored, tension relieved and self confidence greatly enhanced. Each client will be guided and progress through the Essential and Intermediate Matwork and Reformer Repertoire with each exercise modified for individual needs.

How to find the Barnes Pilates Studio

Pure Pilates is in the heart of Barnes. Contact 07906 216 439 for directions.


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